How to go to Tibet from Nepal?

The travel regulations when going to Tibet from Nepal are different than the regulations when going from China to Tibet. Traveling to Tibet can be done in one of two ways, from Nepal across the land border or by flight to Lhasa Gonggar International Airport.

From Kathmandu scenic drive to the Tibet border is about 130 km north to the border rasuwagadhi. Where you will crossover into Tibet, and be met by the local Tibetan tour guide, who will take you to the town of Gyirong for your first night of this tour. The tour starts with a drive to the second largest city in this region, Shigatse. From there, it is a short hop to Gyanste, and on along the friendship highway, past Karola Glacier, Yamdrok Lake and the spectacular Nyenchen Khangsar Mountain, the highest mountain near Lhasa. The fastest way to get Lhasa from Kathmandu is by flight from Tribhuvan International Airport. There are daily flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa to Kathmandu by China air which is 3 and a half journey. The cost of direct flights to Lhasa from USD 280 to USD 300, plus airport taxes and transfer fee. The Kathmandu Lhasa flight is the only international flight connecting Tibet with other countries and is considered to be one of the most beautiful air routes in the world, flying over the breathtaking mountains. Once you arrive at the Lhasa airport, your required guide, Private Vehicle and driver will meet you. You will beings your travels in Tibet according to the travel itinerary.

You will be not able to enter Tibet by and or by flying from Nepal without an organized tour from a travel agency, which needs to be arranged well in advance.

How to get the Tibet Permit from Nepal?

If you are planning to visit Tibet from Nepal, then you have to contact a reputable tour operator to Tibet, who will help you with all the arrangements for your tour. Foreign visitors to Tibet are not permitted to travel independently in this region and are required to have a local guide and organized vehicle for all their travels.

From wherever you enterChinat from Kathmandu or mainland china, you need the Tibet travel Permit in order to get into this region, like this, a requirement for every visitor to Tibet and this is arranged by your tour Operator with Tourism Bureau in Lhasa. Tourists are requested to mail the scanned copy of passport and then we will get the Tibet travel permit and visa invitation letter issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. To make it go smoothly, it is recommended to constant us to apply for Tibet travel permit 20 days in advance to visit Tibet.

However going from Nepal to Tibet, you must have a Group Chinese Visa, it should be applied though the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu with the help of travel agency. If you arrive in Nepal with a Chinese Tourist visa already in your passport then this will be cancelled and replaced with the Group Tourist Visa and you will be not refunded of Chinese visa and will useless.

A travel agency will have to assist you in getting the Group Chinese visa, to obtain it we will state all of the details listed in your passport along with your travel route in Tibet and the dates you will be in Tibet and submit to the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu. It will take 3 working days to obtain Chinese Group Visa. Visa applications are accepted only in weekdays (Monday to Friday). For example if a guest provide his/her passport to us before 11am then s/he will get visa in the afternoon of 3rd day and can fly to Tibet next day. For your information, Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu doesn’t process visa application on weekends, during Chinese Holidays or during Nepalese Holiday.

3 steps to get your Tibet permit and visa in Nepal

When depart from Nepal to Tibet, you will need to apply for your Tibet travel permit and Chinese Group Visa through a travel agency.

The scanned copy of your passport will be used for Tibet permit only while applying for the Chinese Group Visa; your Original Passport will be required.

Step one: Confirm your travel date, Itinerary and mail your passport copy to Mountain Hike Nepal

Before leaving to Tibet from Nepal, you should confirm your tour date and itinerary with us then we will help you to apply for Tibet Tour Permit on your behalf.

Step two: Arrive in Kathmandu and provide us your Original Passport and photo.

You should arrive in Nepal 4 working days in advance and contact us in Kathmandu, give your original passport to apply for Chinese group visa.

You also need to bring recent passport size photos with white background.

Step three: Get the issued Chinese Group Visa

Mountain Hike Nepal will deliver the visa to you as soon as it is issued. When you leave for Tibet, remember to bring three documents with you: Chinese Visa, Photocopies of Tibet travel permit and the application form.