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Nepal is known as the small Himalayan country having plethora of snow covered mountains. Therefore, the country is haven for mountaineering activities. If you have dream of being at the top of pinnacle then Nepal is an ideal place to do that. Nepal has numerous mountains and of different heights. The mountaineering association of Nepal and Tourism Board has identified mountains above seven thousands meter height as the Expedition Mountains while below the seven thousands meter height as trekking peak. These trekking peaks don’t require expedition permit rather it needs to get the Peak Climbing permit.

Peak Climbing in Nepal is the most astounding and challenging Himalayan expedition. Those who are new to mountaineering yet want to encounter the great pinnacles covered with snow can apply for the Peak Climbing activity in Nepal. It has identified various trekking peaks for such adventure in Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region of Nepal. Our Sherpa who helps in the mountaineering are successful Everest summiteers as well. Therefore, your venture to reach the top of summit could be in safe hands. The mountains like Lobuche, Island and Mera are suitable for such climbing activity in Everest region. Pisang and Chulu are the mountains of Annapurna region for such climbing. In Langtang region trekkers can climb the Naya Kanga and Tserkhori Mountain.

We will train our climbers in the destination as well and ensure the maximum safety while you record the momentous event of your life. Obviously reaching the top of snowcapped mountain and seeing the mountainous landscape from top is everyone’s dream adventure destination. However, there are numerous challenges one has to face while doing such enthralling actions. We would like to assure all the aspiring climbers that Peak Climbing in Nepal with us will always be adventurous, safe and fun filled.